Weekly Training Log: 7/6-7/12

For those that are a follower of this blog, remember a few weeks when I posted on my running funk? I think I am on the mend out of the funk. I haven’t been running as much lately, but I have a weekly Saturday morning run with my friend Barbara, and her 3 month-old has joined us for a couple runs. Our Saturday morning runs have just become a routine as part of our workout schedule for the week and it has definitely helped me to get back on track. However on Wednesday, I had my first solo run in weeks and it was an awesome run! I debated bringing the Garmin out with me and decided to wear it, I wanted to have an idea on how far I was running plus I needed to keep track of the time as this was a morning run before work.

Having only a limited amount of time I opted for a short two mile run. The weather was perfect, the sun had just come up and the park was was still relatively cool from overnight. My first mile came in at 10:56, I knew for my next mile I wanted to try to come in around that or just a few seconds under. Overall I felt like I was maintaining a consistent speed, occasionally I could feel myself going into little speed bursts wanting my results to have a negative split. Needless to say I was shocked when my final mile came in at 10:06. The strength training had played a huge factor but I also have to give some credit to my weekend runs with Barbara. We tend to catch up on our runs and with all the talking we do has really helped me to master a lower pace and keep my heart rate consistent with the heat.

My other workouts for the week included,

Monday: A conditioning class with one of my co-workers. The class resembled that of a bare workout.

Tuesday: A quick cardio workout

Wednesday: 2 mile run and core work.

Thursday: 30 minutes on the elliptical followed up with strength training focusing on the legs and glutes

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 2.35 mile run with Barbara.

Sunday: Rest day

How was your week?

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