My Running Scenes

The topic for this weeks Tuesday’s on the Run link up is to show my readers where I run!

You may be surprised to know that I’ve been running at the same few running spots for over a year now and I still enjoy running at those same locations every time I lace up.

During the week I tend to run in the county parks. I live off a major road and in an apartment complex, needless to say I am limited to my immediate area running options. Thankfully I have two county parks within 10-15 minutes driving time from me. Both parks are absolutely gorgeous, with a plethora of shade and at least three water fountains, and have a fitness trail to help with the distance markers. Some snapshots of the parks I run in:






When I am training for long distance, anything over 5 miles I will drive about 20 minutes south to an city many may know of called St. Petersburg. There is an extended running trail right along the waterfront of Tampa Bay and the views of the sunrise are absolutely breathtaking. With the trail I am able to run out about 6-7 miles, give or take a mile or so weaving in and out of a neighborhood or on the local university, and then I can run 6 miles back to my car. What I love most about this area is not just the scenery but the fact that the route has me run out and back, rather than running loops. I know this could turn some people off and everyone has varying views, its more encouraging for me to run out because I know no matter what I have to get back to my car somehow, someway. This is a big fitness area for many locals near and far. You can find a water stop and/or restroom about every mile and a half to two. Some snapshots I captured on some of my longer runs:




Morning Run

With views like these how could one not enjoy lacing up and going for a run?

Where do you run?

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