10 Minute Time Crunch Workouts

Hi everyone! Happy Hump Day ๐Ÿ™‚ I love the topic for this week’s The Fit Dish, this week the #fitfam is talking about 10 minute workout quickies.


Often individuals may pass up on a workout due to the time constraints but there are so many options of fitness related activities that you can accomplish in 10 minutes. Below are my recommendation for a 10 minute quick workout:

1. WOD. Pinterest can be a great source of workouts when you are stuck in a time crunch. It’s amazing what can be done while you are waiting for your coffee to brew or when you need a 5 minute break away from your computer at work. I know I’ve done a wall sit while brushing my teeth or standing calf raises while taking a phone call at work.

2. 30 Day Challenge. Another great source of quickie WODs and a great app you can download on your phone for instant access and tracking of progress. My friend Barbara has a newborn at home, with limited time she needed quick and easy core workouts to do, the 30 day challenge fits right into her schedule.

3. Yoga. Yes, even 10 minutes of yoga can make a difference with increased flexibility, strengthening and a sense of calm and well being. Yoga is also beneficial for runners in that it is a great stretching tool. Downward dog is great for the hamstrings and calfs, and can’t forget about pigeon – a great hip opener.


4. Running. Depending on your pace level, a quick mile run can be done in 10 minutes or under. Another alternative to a 10 minute run is to get in a a super speedy fartlek workout.

IMG_30925. Walking. Walking may not seem like much but it’s the point of getting up off the couch, taking a deep breath of fresh air and enjoying nature.

Do you ever find yourself completing a quick little workout while waiting for the straightener to heat up or the copier to finish printing?

A special thanks to Jill Conyers at jillconyers.com and Jessica Joy at thefitswitch.org for hosting today’s The Fit Dish Link Up. Link up your post about the week’s theme so your post will be found in the archives.

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6 thoughts on “10 Minute Time Crunch Workouts

  1. I have just started to do quickie workouts. I’m getting to the point where I realize that even something is better than nothing if I can’t fit a full length on in!!

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