Weekly Training Log: 8/3-8/9

If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed my post last week on placing 2nd in my age group at my most recent 5k. I will admit it was quite a surprise, I actually had to look up the official result to confirm. My finish time was 34:59 and most of the girls in my age group typically finish in the 18-27 min time slot. Turns out there was only myself and one other girl who participated in the race from our age group, but regardless I placed and earned this awesome tile below! I had a good round of workouts and two fantastic runs last week, which makes me hopeful that I could potentially place if I run the third and final race of the series. Only three girls from my age group participated in the first race of the series, so there is hope I could place once more in this series!

Monday: 100 squats for day 3 of a 30 day squat challenge hosted by Guna, Inc.

Tuesday: 3 mile run and 100 squats for day 4.

Wednesday: Lower body and core strengthening, also logged my 100 squats for day 5.

Thursday: 2 mile run and 100 squats for day 6.

Friday: 100 squats for day 7 along with upper body and core strengthening

Saturday: 3.2 mile run with my friend Barbara, followed up with 100 squats for day 8.

Sunday: 100 squats for day 9 of a 30 day squat challenge.

Have you ever placed in your age group? If so, what race and distance was it?

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