Running Tips to Know!

As a veteran runner there are several things that I know now, that I didn’t know about or at least take seriously as a newbie. Which brings us to this weeks Friday Five topic: five running tips. I want to share with you all my five six tips that I’ve learned over time. I couldn’t just narrow down to five tips because I feel these are all very beneficial.

1. Proper breathing –  this is something I take seriously as an asthmatic runner; and while it may seem obvious running doe requires proper breathing to ensure the muscles in your legs are getting enough oxygen. Proper breathing can also help you run faster. Check out this article published by Runners World.

2. Strength training – I’ve read many articles on the benefits of strength training and heard the results from many close runner friends but until I actually put forth the effort myself, did I notice a difference in my performance. Running does just include the use of your legs but other parts of your body like your hips, glutes, core, upper body, etc.

3. Invest in a foam roller – foam rolling hurts so good! When I was training for my first half I didn’t have a foam roller or a stick. I invested in both after my second and third halves – holy cow! It’s almost like going out on fresh, well rested legs on every run.

4. Don’t run on empty – I’m serious! It took me over a year to learn this, especially for my long distance training runs. The only time I didn’t run on empty was if I was running in the evening, otherwise any morning runs the alarm went off and I was out the door – long or short run. You don’t have to eat a full meal, something as simple as toast with peanut butter and/or jelly will do the job. I’ve noticed my endurance lasts much longer and by the end of my run I’m not wanting to attack everything in sight. Not everyone has the ability to stomach something so early, but with time if you give it a try you just might be able to handle it and your body will thank you later.

I love to much on these energy balls!
I love to much on these energy balls!

 5. Don’t take on too much too quick – Upon completing your first distance race (5K, 10K, Half, etc.) you will most likely have an adrenaline rush and want to register for any and all races. Reel yourself back in. For many new runners piling too much on in such a short amount of time is an accident waiting to happen. Without the proper training and recovery time you can burn yourself out and most important cause issues with your IT band, hips, knees, etc. Over time you will build up the stamina to handle the challenges of back to back racing.

6. Join a running club – you don’t necessarily have to be a runner to join clubs like Running for Brews or even a fun weekly run held by your local running store. Many clubs welcome runners of all levels including walkers. Running with friends makes the experience much more enjoyable.

Photo credit: Running With Brews Gandy
Photo credit: Running With Brews Gandy

What have you learned over your year(s) of running?

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11 thoughts on “Running Tips to Know!

  1. Love all the tips! I would have said the same thing and added to always push your limits- I’ve found that even if I’m scared to do something by doing it I learn so much more about my abilities than I would if I didn’t do it. 🙂

  2. great tips! i definitely agree that strength training makes a huge difference and i’m finally working to fit it in to my training this go-around. i’m loving feeling stronger all around.

  3. I definitely agree with adding in strength training and foam rolling! Those are definitely two areas I focus more on now! I have also learned over the years to build a good solid base of easy mileage.

  4. Apparently we think a lot alike. 🙂

    I’m always amazed at the runners who run without eating anything. I’ve done it, but I’d rather get up too early (like tomorrow) and make sure I have something in my stomach before facing 9 miles.

  5. All great tips! A lot of people run on empty and do really well. I don’t eat a whole lot and in fact if it’s a short distance I may run on empty if I need to get out there quick and don’t have the time to digest. But never on a long run. My threshold is over 5 miles!

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