Florida Holiday Halfathon Training Recap: Weeks 10 & 11

FHH Weekly Training LogHello my readers! It’s been a while, I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Life has kept me pretty busy, between the holiday and then my best friend got married…not to mention work has been crazy.

I have two weeks worth of training to catch up on and I think I partly put off last weeks because my training hasn’t been very good, and I mean the running part. I am going to discuss it in more detail later this week when I talk about my upcoming race day goals. However, last week I was having some leg pain the day leading up to my 12 mile run; which I planned to get in on Friday after Thanksgiving as my best friend was getting married that weekend. The leg pain had been continuous through the week, the first part of the week it was in my left shin and instep. I think it had something to do with the workout that Monday as a girl in class, who is a runner as well, was complaining of pain in the same areas. Once that had subsided, I started to feel tightness inside my thigh and hamstring, again on my left leg. I decided to forgo the 12 mile run as I did not want to incur some serious damage and focused on stretching and foam rolling.

Week of 11/23-11/29:

Monday: Boot camp.

Tuesday: 3-2-1 Fartlek Workout for 5 cycles.

Wednesday:  Boot Camp.

Thursday: Boot Camp.

Friday: Unplanned Rest day.

Saturday: Rest day – wedding day!

Sunday: Rest day.

Miles logged this week: 2.94 miles

This last week started out pretty strong after a few days off. I opted to do the elliptical on Tuesday as I was really not feeling a run and I had overslept for boot camp with a different trainer. Wednesday night, I tossed and turned most of the night combined with not feeling up to a run so I took Thursday as a rest day. On Friday I had intentions of going to class but woke up with a nasty kink in my shoulder and neck on the border to a migraine. Not wanting to make things worse I took some medicine and went back to bed with the heating pad.

Week of 11/30-12/6:

Monday: Boot camp.

Tuesday: 45 minutes on the elliptical.

Wednesday: Boot camp.

Thursday: Unplanned Rest day.

Friday: Unplanned Rest day.

Saturday: Home workout.

Sunday: 6 mile run.

Miles logged this week: 9.33 miles

Total Miles logged for Florida Holiday Halfathon training: 129.37

These last two weeks were not my best in any of my training cycles but with the good comes the bad.

How do you deal with off weeks in training?

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