Gasparilla Training Recap: Weeks 4-7


Yikes! I fell a little behind in my updates, but in my defense it’s been a crazy month between work, holidays and health. 2016 was a great year for me both in my running/fitness lifestyle and just in personal matter. I am excited to see what new adventures await me in 2017 🙂

Week 12/5-12/11

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: Met up with a friend to introduce them to CG so I was at a different location. Planned to run after work but with sprints upon sprints in the workout, it’s safe to say I got my 2 miles in – thank you peak week!

Wednesday: 2 easy miles before camp

Thursday: 3 miles before CG

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Finally got to see Barbara and Alex after months and months! Ran with Barbara for about 4 miles due to chillier weather that cut the run short due to Alex being cold, finished up with 2 solo miles.

Sunday: Beautiful 8 miles down by the beach, a nice change of scenery!

Week 12/12-12/18

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: Since all of the trainers were out of town this week due to it being BOLD/Recovery week, I went out for a 3 mile run, course was extended by almost a quarter for 3.21 miles altogether.

Wednesday: Met up with my friend Kim for 5 miles in the morning.

Thursday: Rest day.

Friday: 2 mile run and a CG workout as all the trainers were finally back in town!

Saturday: Rest day.

Sunday: The plan called for 9 miles, however I was running with my friends Kim and Laura from CG. Kim is training for her first full, the Disney Marathon, and had her last long run of 20 miles. We paced ourselves well and I was feeling great so I went to 11 and walked a mile back to my car for a total of 12 – oops!

Kim and I went on a little adventure through the neighborhoods and found this fun, decorated house.

Week 12/19-12/25

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: Unplanned rest day due to falling ill with food poisoning/stomach bug the day prior – yuck!

Wednesday: Opt to take another rest day, I was finally feeling well enough but at the same time my energy level was not up to par due to lack of “fuel.”

Thursday: Finally! Felt great to get back out on the pavement. Easy 3 miles before CG.

Friday: I debated taking this as a rest day, coincidentally I am that crazy OCD person who “has to” get x-amount of CG workouts in. This was a great workout, it was a benchmark workout and incorporated a two mile run, one at the start of class and one at the end. Lorena, a fellow CG camper, and I walked 2 miles before class.

Saturday: 6.80 mile run down by the beach, struggled with some leg pain in my left calf and breathing issues the last half mile and ended up walking the last bit back to the car.

View of the sunrise atop one of the bridges.

Sunday: 9 Holly Jolly Christmas miles, it was so good to see that a lot of runners didn’t let the holiday keep them from getting their miles in. This run was much better than the days prior.

Week 12/26-1/1

Monday: Switched it up with a 2 mile run and a CG session followed by a breakfast social after class!

Tuesday: Much needed rest day!

Wednesday: 2 mile run before CG.

Thursday: 3 mile run then CG.

Friday: Rest day.

Saturday: Kicked off the last day of 2016 with a great 10 mile run with my CG ladies! As I mentioned earlier, Kim is running her first marathon next weekend so had to get those last taper miles in – good luck chica!

…and that’s a wrap for 2016! Thank you mother nature for the much cooler temps ❤

Sunday: Rest day.

Miles logged Week 4: 19 miles

Miles logged Week 5: 21.21 miles

Miles logged Week 6: 22.8 miles

Miles logged Week 7: 17 miles

Total Miles logged for Gasparilla Ultra Amber Challenge training: 127.01 miles

Total Miles logged for 2016: 369.9 miles

How many miles did you log for 2016? Did you have one last end of the year run?

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