Running without Music

A few weeks ago I mentioned in a post how I’d been running without music on two of my recent long distance runs. I just completed a 10 mile run last weekend, again without music. Eliminating music from my runs was something I never thought to do, or even intended. I grew past needing music to complete a short distance run over a year ago, but I still needed music to complete a long distance run up until this training cycle.

So how have I been getting through my long runs without music? Well, several different ways. For starters, I don’t go out there and think, ‘Oh man, I’ve got 10 miles ahead of me,’ instead I break it up into chunks. I know I can run 3-4 miles comfortably without music. Since the first mile seems to be the hardest, I focus on accomplishing just that mile. From there I break it up into a 5K, then a 10K, a 15K then I only had a mile left to go.

Having a good running location with some scenic views is a plus. I’ve been completing my long distance runs at the same location for the last two and half years but I have yet to get sick of it. My run starts off along the inner-coastal with a neighborhood of really nice mansion-like homes. As I move past the neighborhood I move along the waterfront with a gorgeous view of the sunrise. If I am running on a Saturday, Ill pass by the local morning market.

I also like to keep my mind busy. I devote each mile to something and stay focused on it. What am I going to have for breakfast? How do I want to spend my afternoon? Or, how accomplished I will feel once this run is complete. A tip I learned from my sister while completing my last half was to dedicate a mile to someone, think of the memories with that person.

Occasionally I’ll have a friend to run with and that really passes the miles by. I have two really great running friends who make the miles much more enjoyable and I couldn’t ask for better running friends.


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How do you get by on a run when you don’t have music?

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6 thoughts on “Running without Music

  1. I definitely break up those long run miles in my head and attack them chunk by chunk mentally. Running friends are an awesome way to pass the time! Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. I no longer run to music. Company always makes it go by faster (and usually makes me faster, too).

    But where I run, most of the time, is not that scenic. You have to drive to scenic and most of the time I don’t have that time.

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